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Why Repair Shops Need a CNC Machine Shop

Working with a CNC machining company goes a long way, especially for repair industries. In fixing equipment like elevators and manufacturing machines, some mechanical parts may have to be replaced or repaired. Mechanical parts may not always be available, and having your own fabricating machines may be expensive. In cases like these, a CNC machining expert can invaluably offer solutions


Custom Design

CAD (computer-aided design) is used to generate the numerical data entered into CNC machines. Through CAD, exact or custom parts can be created, modified, and optimized to suit your repair project. This is especially helpful if the spare part you need is no longer available or if the part needs to be customized to match your client’s equipment.


Accurate Manufacture

CNC machines will apply tools like lasers, mills, and cutters to achieve the manufacturing instructions entered through CAM (computer-aided manufacture) programs. The process yields highly precise results, as the tools operate according to the specifications entered into the CNC machines. In contrast, conventional human-controlled machines may produce variable outcomes.


Fast Production

A reputable CNC machine shop can provide your ordered or customized parts faster than conventional machine shops or suppliers. Usually, CNC companies have inventories of plate and bar materials like carbon steel, stainless steel, and several metal alloys, which allow them to start on a project at any given time. The result is a faster turnaround time for your needed parts or components, compared to waiting for an overseas shipment, or an inventory replenishment from parts manufacturers.


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Scratching Beneath the Hard Surface of Industrial Millwright Services

Skilled industrial millwright services from established companies like Central Machine & Marine Inc. are vital to a number of industries such as mining and manufacturing. At first glance, the tasks of a millwright may seem to only involve the construction of machines or assembly of equipment, but they can actually do so much more. The following are some of the services that tradespeople from millwrighting and machining companies typically offer:

Ship Repair Services

Due to the large number of seagoing vessels in Canada’s waters, from cruise ships to naval fleets, comprehensive ship repair services are greatly in demand.

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Ontario Machine Shop Announces Approval of Sarnia Harbour Divestiture

The approval also brings forth a huge impact in the in the harbour’s future sustainability, as well as the general economy, the industrial sector, and the marine industry in the area. Located in the north of Sarnia Bay and Seaway Road, the Sarnia Harbour was previously under the watch of Transport CanadaThe proposal for divestiture stems from previous efforts undertaken by the city, along with some local groups in 1996, which aimed to increase the efficiency of the harbour while lessening the tax burden on the people. Moreover, it also aimed to empower users, local interests, and communities, when it comes to decision-making.

With the proposal’s approval, CMM will be able to extend their services and share their knowledge, particularly in the area of marine repair and maintenance. Their services cover all phases of afloat hull repairs, bulkhead, and internal structure renewals.

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Maintaining the Efficiency of Industrial Systems

The water and electricity you use at home come from distant plants through networks of large pipes and machines. If any of those system components breaks down, you can expect a service disruption, which you’ve probably experienced at least once. Fixing the system and keeping it up and running efficiently are the tasks of mechanics and millwrights.


To avoid these service interruptions, the provider must perform three crucial tasks regularly—evaluation, deciding between repair and replacement, and adhering to a business continuity program. Evaluation is extremely important, as it reveals any need to replace components and/or the necessity of a system update.


By evaluating each area in the system, workplace accidents can be avoided. Parts, components, equipment, and any other material essential in the operations of a service will be assessed against given standards. If any of these are found to create risks on both employees and the system’s functionality, it would be the job of asset managers to decide between repairing and replacing the defective elements.


Either way, impacts on the environment may be expected, and it falls on asset managers to find ways to mitigate these impacts. For best results, industrial plants entrust their systems to millwright services who are adept at working with heavy-duty equipment, and can thus be expected to deliver the needed results.

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