CNC Machine: An Introduction

Many machines that are still in use today are actually those that underwent several re-inventions through the years. A good example is the sewing machine. This device’s origin is not all that clear, but some historical accounts say that the first real sewing machine was invented by Englishman Thomas Saint back in the late 1700s.

Saint’s sewing machine barely resembles the one you are familiar with today, but both were produced based on the same purpose: to eliminate the need for hand-sewing and therefore establish efficiency and higher productivity. Today’s CNC machines work around the same purpose as well—the difference is that these machines work on a computer numerical control (CNC) and therefore don’t require human assistance.

CNC machines function via coded instructions that are stored into an internal computer. As a result, factories can manufacture identical machine parts accurately and efficiently. For instance, lathe machines can automatically cut metal materials into the desired shape and form and make several versions of them.

With the importance of CNC machines to manufacturing industries though, it’s only normal for them to break down over time. When this happens, manufacturers should turn to a reliable CNC machine shop to repair or fabricate broken machine parts. Some shops even offer equipment upgrade services to help minimize frequent breakdowns.


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